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Thursday, November 15, 2012


The Great Convergence is a three day event taking place at the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt followed by a five day Nile cruise to various ancient sites over the Winter Solstice, Dec 21-Dec 28, 2012. The gathering produced by The Do LaB and TGC will feature top electronic music producers and DJ’s from the west coast’s music scene including headliners Beats Antique, Apparat, Random Rab, Bluetech, Gaudi, Govinda, Desert Dwellers, David Starfire, DJ Dragonfly, Imagika, plus Moontribe DJs: Treavor, Brad, and Dela. Additionally, there will be panels and workshops with various experts including Carmen Boulter of The Pyramid Code, Philip Coppens of Ancient Aliens, and Daniel Pinchbeck, author and founder of Evolver/Reality Sandwich, among other Egyptologists to discuss the mysteries of the pyramids and the prophecies of our times. 

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